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Meet The AuthorsPhoto of Howard Peters and Jean Peters measuring flexibility

Jean M. Peters, BS, PT and Howard K. Peters, Jr., BS, PT are a physical therapy team. Their initial experience with neuromuscular disabilities has been gained from epidemic polio treatment, working with brain injured children and adults and general orthopedics. Since 1974, they have extended their experience to preventive health and sports science. Their services of education and prevention are provided to athletes and non-athletes through workshops, lectures, and consultation. THE FLEXIBILITY MANUAL and video FLEXIBILITY SETS YOU FREE! emphasize their maxim that “Proper exercise prevents more than medicine can cure.”

"Flexibility is the basis of fitness and its keystone. Traditional methods of stretching, which are based on force, were not suitable for prevention of injury. We decided to devise a fresh and original approach grounded in sound physiological theory/practice, and this logic has proven it to be safe and highly effective."

"Consideration of the neurophysiological action of muscle fibers has been much too casual - not the clinical examination and laboratory kinesiology of muscle action, but the function of muscles in vivo -- the actual sports movements. It is disturbing to see the incomplete preparations taken by individuals to pursue their sports, and the manner in which stretching is promoted (or not) on amateur and professional levels. Current literature, eagerly consumed by readers seeking the gospel can present more problems than help to those who deserve and need better information."