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Active Stretching

Sports Kinetics Active Stretching was developed in 1975 as a simple, safe and effective method of prevention. As outlined in THE FLEXIBILITY MANUAL and the video FLEXIBILITY SETS YOU FREE!, it has been effective in preventing non-contact muscle injuries. Its success has been tested and proven by thousands of individuals and organized sports teams of all ages. (Read our testimonials) We will teach you a sensible approach to stretching - unlike those you have learned in the past.

Why Must One Stretch?

If you can’t move, you can’t improve!  Loss of mobility is not a normal process of aging. It is a process of neglect.

Your degree of mobility determines the quality of your life. Mobility is life itself. You cannot survive without it.

Our Active Stretching method of flexibility training was designed to eliminate force from stretching procedures. Force, regardless of how slight, causes the opposite of what one wishes to achieve. No one should apply static force, bouncing, or rhythmic motions in an attempt to increase flexibility. You are working against your body's natural mechanism. Read the particulars on how Active Stretching benefits the athlete and less active individuals including seniors.

Prevent Injuries and Improve Performance!

Bicycle Rider

The purpose of Active Stretching is the regaining and maintaining of total body flexibility. When certain activities require additional emphasis, you will have learned to recognize the need and how to apply the necessary techniques.Active Stretching, is based on the accepted medical principle that, when muscles contract, their opposing ones relax naturally.